Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy
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Women are well know for suffering from menopause but did you know that men really pause too? Yeah, they have what is know to be called: Andropause. Andropause is a gradual decline in hormone levels. When men reach about 40 years of age, their testosterone levels begin to drop. Some studies say, they drop about one percent a year, Others say it goes with the age. For example, if you are 50 years old, then you are levels have decreased by 50%, 60, 60% and so forth. 

If you are not healthy, then your relationships with self and others will not be healthy. 

Sometimes in life, we have to struggle, but you should never choose to suffer. 

Pain is a part of life and we do not have to let that rule our life.

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is the primary male hormone responsible for regulating sex differentiation, producing male sex characteristics, sperm and fertility.

Testosterone affects almost every tissue in the body. It is vitally important to a man's health and well-being.

Benefits Are:

Treatment for Andropause is Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Erectile Dysfunction Therapy
  • Improving Wellness: Work performance, increased motivation and drive, improved mental focus, and increasing confidence.
  • Sexual function and performance
  • Athletic Performance
  • Increasing overall health and well- being: Improved sleep, mood, weight loss, and anti-aging.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is just replacing your testosterone with medical testosterone or stimulating your testosterone with other medications for production. 

It is no different from Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) in women, including birth control.

Growth Hormone Optimization performance Enhancement 

  • Anti-aging 
  • Decreasing recovery times 
  • Can be used with testosterone or alone 
  • Athletic men Who Wish to maintain their athleticism and stamina as they age 
  • Men Who Wish to maintain their lean muscle mass, cardiac reserve and the ability to recover


  • Works best in younger clients looking to increase athletic performance
  • Improves sleep
  • Improves body compensation- increase lean muscle mass and assists with weight loss
  • Subjectively improve well-being


  • More natural, improves sleep
  • Can be used in older individuals
  • Helps with weight loss and increase lean muscle mass
  • Does not increase hunger


  • Can be used in all patients 
  • Orally active, no injections, more expensive 
  • Increases lean muscle and decreases boy 
  • For the more serious client in the gym


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